The day was just. packed. Yay.

Attended the Liberal Arts Symposium today at school so I could garner a few extra  credit points. I enjoyed it for the most part, but the last one I attended was kind of a downer. Don’t get me wrong, the two young ladies presented their topics well, but ending the day on the note of PTSD and sex offender registry laws was a little, well, depressing.

That probably should have been scheduled first, IMHO.

On the other hand, I really liked the Research and Film Studies lectures (Larry would have liked this!), and may even consider taking one or both of those classes sometime in the future.

As I told Dr. Springer (who heads the Film Studies program, and is my American Lit prof), let me get through THIS semester first!


I got a note from Kalea the other night. I had wondered if I had offended her by not trying harder to let her know I wasn’t able to attend her baby shower. She totally understood, and had not been online since then because she’s temporarily internet access challenged.

She also told me that she was being induced today, so her little one will make an early appearance. Her due date was something like the 6th of next month.

I probably should check Facebook and MySpace, just in case the new dad posted something to Kalea’s accounts.


I was going to take a nap earlier this evening, and just as I got settled in, someone rang the doorbell. Since I wasn’t expecting anyone, I didn’t answer.

And that’s just it. If I’m not expecting you, don’t expect me to answer the door. Contact me somehow to give me a heads up. That way, I wouldn’t be either sleeping, showering, in the bathroom, or otherwise unable to get the door. I’d know you’d be on your way over and I can be ready and somewhat presentable when you show up.

My kids on the other hand, know the secret knock/doorbell signal so I don’t have to wonder if it’s them.


I think I’m going to uninstall, then reinstall Firefox. For some reason, Firefox won’t let me open anything in UCOnnect (like my email account). It used to, so I don’t know what happened to make it stop doing that.

Hannie, got any ideas?


It’s Ash Wednesday, so it’s the beginning of Lent. I still don’t know what I’ll give up for the next 40 days, unless my sanity counts.

That’s all from where I sit.



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