The military funerals were bad enough

but high schools now?

The wackos from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas (or wherever they’re from) is planning to picket outside Moore High School on Monday (3/2). They’ll be there with their hate and their signs, and their flyers telling high school kids that God hates fags, America, Mom, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.

And there isn’t a damn thing the City of Moore, Oklahoma can do about it. It’s within the law, they say.

Maybe we need Toby Keith to come out (he’s an alum) and “put a boot in [their] ass”.

It was bad enough that these misguided morons were picketing military funerals, but when they start in on high school kids, that’s where I draw the line. And if they can do it legally in Moore America, then are the bigger school districts such as Oklahoma City and Edmond far behind?

I’ll tell you this… if they show up at my kids’ high school, I will join the counter protest. If they show up at either of the other 2 high schools in Edmond, I’ll do the same. This isn’t right. Westboro is in it for the publicity that their antics cause (and yes you can say that I’m giving them attention by mentioning it here, but they’re targeting high school kids for God’s sakes!). The newspapers, the TV stations, any media should just stay home on Monday. If Westboro gets no publicity here, maybe they’ll go back to whatever little hamlet they call home. Wishful thinking, I know…

Didn’t they get into a spot of hot water not too long ago and had their “church” and the founder’s law building seized by the government or something?  Something about losing a court case filed by the family of a deceased soldier in, where was it, Maryland?

I’ll have to look that up. Wait one…

Ahh, here it is: Westboro wackos need waders. I knew I had written about it. I don’t know if the links in that post still work nearly a year later, but you can try. If not, there’s always Google and Yahoo.

But, I digress…

In conclusion, it’s just plain wrong for these so-called “Christians” to target minors with their misguided messages. There are other ways to protest besides traveling from state to state to spread what is essentially hate.

Maybe they won’t even show up. That would be best. Stay home. Please. We don’t need you here. Got that?

That’s all from where I sit.



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