They only sent six people?! Wimps!

The Westboro wackos came and did their thing at both the Oklahoma capitol (because -shocking!- prayers at one session was conducted by an openly gay preacher), and at Moore High School (chosen at random according to the group).

They only sent six wackos. And, they were met by hundreds of outraged Oklahomans who shouted the group down, held signs, and behaved themselves.


To: Westboro
From: the citizens of Oklahoma
Subj: take your hate elsewhere!

We don’t want it here.


Personally, the media should not go out and give this group airtime. That’s what they want… to reach as many people as possible with their hate speech. If they are denied publicity, they’ll go elsewhere to get it– hopefully as far away from Oklahoma as they can get.

That’s all from where I sit.



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