Daylight Savings Time is kicking my ass!


What happened? It’s not like I didn’t sleep last night, but today I feel so dragged out!

Lots of people in my classes stayed in bed apparently, because attendance was pretty light. I wanted to stay in bed, too, but I have a paper due on Wednesday, and it ain’t gonna write itself. All I have to do with that is to gather my thoughts and start writing. Once I get started with that, it should take about 2-3 hours to type it up. It’s supposed to be at least 6 pages long. I know I have more than enough material to cover that length.

But back to DST. I woke up at my usual time on Mondays and it was freakin’ dark outside! I had to check the clock to see if it was the right time.

It was.

But now, I pretty wiped out. I want to take a nap but I have a stew in the baby crockpot and Dancing with the Stars comes on in 1/2 an hour!

Then it’s back to studying. I’m never going to get “The Awakening” read by the midterm in American Lit!


That’s all from where I sit.



One thought on “Daylight Savings Time is kicking my ass!

  1. I’m s-o-o-o tired from DST. I hate it.
    I wished they would leave the clocks alone.
    Also, there was a study done by a university…forget which one that said there are more heart attacks during DST. I believe it.

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