Not looking forward to Spring Break

That seems to be a common theme amongst those of us who don’t have anywhere to go and no money to get there if we did.

I need to find another job. I’m too old to be a slacker college student. Mom and Dad ain’t sending ME any money (like some of the parents of my classmates might be doing). I have to actually WORK for it! So to that end, I’m going to check out a couple places on Thursday after my last midterm. Chaz has agreed to ferry me around (though I wish it were someone else –who isn’t available on Thursdays anyway) to see what’s available here.

I didn’t realize how damn hard it was to get an on campus job at school! I’m going to keep trying though. Maybe in the fall…

I’m about to run out of financial aid money, and the semester still has about two months to go. I thought I might make it with that and the little under the table job I had that paid next to nothing, but the job dried up and I’m left hanging.

So, I’m off to pound the pavement… again. *sigh* While someone goes flying off to the Pacific Northwest on a well deserved vacation, I’ll be here, trying to scrape together my pennies to make my obligations for April. Only got three weeks.

My Spring Break is already broken, and it hasn’t even started yet!

That’s all from where I sit.



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