RV Show fun…

Chaz and I went to the big RV Show at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds yesterday, and there were three huge buildings of recreational vehicles and RV related stuff!

You get into these RVs and it will blow your mind when you see what is in them. Refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, huge bedrooms and living areas.

Inside one of the RVs

Chaz is seriously considering buying one and moving it to some land he has in extreme southern Oklahoma (you could spit into Texas practically).

More RV show stuff

This one really grabbed Chaz’s attention. The payments on it are less than what he pays in rent now! If he does buy it, he’d have to trade in his Rendezvous for a big ass truck. The Rendezvous (which is an SUV) just doesn’t have the ooomph to pull a huge trailer like that.

We wandered around the show for about three hours, then went to get dinner. The Chinese place on 23rd Chaz likes was closed for a private party, so he got the idea to go to the Furr’s in Moore…

So we ended up here...

which is near the Warren Theaters and of course, being Saturday night, was packed! But we ate good and left stuffed. Our server was a nice kid named Kyle who made sure our drinks were always filled and cleaned away any stray crumbs.

After all that, we headed back to my apartment to watch movies and hang out. Chaz left about 1am, and I got ready to go to bed.

Something outside my living room window caught my eye. It was a police car parked in front of my building. I wondered why it was there. I just sat there, hoping that they wouldn’t be knocking at my door asking me questions about things I didn’t have any knowledge about, like the activities of my neighbors.

Police car

All in all, a pretty interesting and fun day. Even if Chaz did call me by his late wife’s name a couple of times.

That’s all from where I sit.



3 thoughts on “RV Show fun…

  1. You are so disillusioned about your copyrights—I’ll use what ever i like and you will not be able to do anything about it! This is a public forum and because you posted it on a public forum it is public property. Good luck trying to enforce your so called copyrights–copyrights cost money and I doubt you spent the dollars to do so.

  2. I’m not going to even argue with you, but you are ignorant about copyrights as well. Have you even read the copyright code? This is a fixed form, therefore all content is mine. All the pictures, text, and anything else that I CREATE is mine. If I find any of my content on the web under someone else’s name, I will fight for it. I have copies of everything I create. Have a good day, Tim.

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