Boy, that man can talk!

Chaz called me this morning with this idea about the next time we go out to Lake Hefner; sandwiches, drinks, snacks, a thick blanket to sit on…

He told me he’d been thinking about that on the drive home last night because yesterday had been so nice weather-wise, that there would be more days like that and that we should take advantage of the nice weather before it got too hot in July and August.

Then he talked, this man who says he doesn’t usually have a lot to say, for two and a half hours!

Chaz is a sweet man, and I enjoy his company. Sometimes he seems so lonely. He spends all that time alone in that little apartment, puttering around, and does all that thinking about what might have been, about the time he has left (however long that might be), about his late wife (why someone so good, with such a good heart, kind spirit, loved by everyone, had to die while people who are evil are still around)…

I know that he and I will never have the kind of relationship with him that he and his wife had. I’m not her, and I won’t even try to be. I can’t compete with memories like that.

I hope to have a love like that one day. It just won’t be with him.

That’s all from where I sit.



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