Oh the things one learns on Twitter

…like a bomb threat at UCO, for example.

Today was advisement day in the Liberal Arts College, so I came to campus to do that. After I was done, I wandered around the housing fair being held near Broncho Lake, then came into the Comm building to check my email.

I got on Twitter, and learned that there was a bomb threat at school, that Howell Hall had been evacuated, and that it was considered a false alarm. Students and staff were not informed of this via Central Alert.

The thing that bugs me is that I learned about it from Twitter. Wouldn’t this have been something that UCO should have informed students about, even after the fact? I found this on UCOnnect– it’s a message from UCO’s president, Roger Webb:

Dear UCO Community,

UCO officials want to again assure the community that UCO and other law enforcement agencies have investigated and found no reason to believe an earlier campus threat is credible.Howell Hall was evacuated and a thorough search conducted. Once completed, students, faculty and staff were allowed to return.

We take every threat seriously and put the safety of our community first. In addition, we have  a policy of finding those connected with any threats and seeking their prosecution and conviction. One former UCO student is currently serving time in a federal penitentiary for a false threat made last year.

Thanks to everyone for your patience.




With all due respect to President Webb, I still would have liked to have heard about it via Central Alert before I read about it on a posting on Twitter.

Twitter is a great resource, but come on… this was too important an issue to not imform the student body about, even if it was a false alarm. Any possible danger on campus, from icy walkways to threats to students safety, should be communicated.

All UCO had to do was send a short message stating that there was a possible threat on campus, that it appears to be unfounded, and that any updates would be communicated as the situation warranted.

But, no one asked me what I thought.

Just my .02

That’s all from where I sit.



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