Damn Oklahoma wind; and a life and career cut short…

I never had allergies before I moved here. Honest!

I’ve licked the flu, but now I have a sinus infection and it’s driving me up the freakin’ wall! All that pollen flying around and it feels like it’s going straight into my sinuses. The pressure in there is driving me nuts!

There are fires in Midwest City, up near Stillwater, and down south somewhere… and the wind is gusting to at least 50 mph!

And there is still rain in the forecast for Sunday. We could sure use it today… as in RIGHT NOW!!!


This is so sad…

Nick Adenhart, a 22 year old rookie pitcher for the Angels pitched last night and did very well. He had a great future in baseball. Two hours or so after the game, he was involved in a three car, hit and run accident. The car he was riding was hit. The driver in his car was killed, and he himself died at the hospital after surgery.

From Yahoo! Sports:

A female driver and male passenger in the Mitsubishi were dead when police arrived. Adenhart died at a hospital in Irvine as the result of his injuries.

Angels wept.

Jim Adenhart, Nick’s father, had watched him pitch the night before at Angel Stadium. By dawn, the ballpark empty, he was at Nick’s locker.

This is so damn sad and tragic. Because of someone else’s carelessness, this young man’s potential will never be known. He had a bright future, as I said. What a huge loss for the Angels and for baseball. Most of all, for his family. No parents should have to bury their child.

My condolences go out to his parents, friends, and teammates.

Rest in peace, Nick.

That’s all from where I sit.



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