Banging on the (ear)drum…

The sinus infection from hell is now the middle ear infection/possible ruptured eardrum from hell.

Last Friday, Jeff brought me some Benadryl to help with the pressure in my sinuses. I also had pressure in my ears from the same thing. I thought that if I took the Benedryl, that would clear everything up. And, it did, in my sinuses. But something happened on the way to it clearing up the pressure in my ears (especially the right ear). I noticed that my ear was draining, so I stuck a wad of tissue in there to soak it up. 

It’s a pretty messy process. And it’s still draining. After frantic phone calls to both my sister and my brother in law, and my description of what, exactly, was draining, it was decided that Dean’s partner should take a look at me. Because what is draining from my ear is not only pus, but blood, too. That’s indicative of a ruptured eardrum, according to Tori, who had that happen to her when she was still in high school.

Meanwhile, I can’t hear anything. I mean I really can’t hear. Whatever the infection is, it’s temporarily rendered me deaf (NOT dead as I wrote Larry in an IM earlier). 

Easter was interesting. I went over to Tori and Dean’s new house, and while I had trouble hearing everyone else, I had no trouble hearing my 6 year old nephew! That kid screeches something awful when he gets excited about something. Any louder and only the dogs will be able to hear it (which might explain the “greeting” we got from Biscuit, Tori and Dean’s golden retriever. Nothing smells worse than wet dog!)

I went to class this morning, and it’s scary how much I rely on my ability to hear. I could tell Prof. Kelsey was talking, but couldn’t hear what she was saying! I taped the class, so hopefully, I’ll be able to decipher something resembling the lecture she gave this morning.

So, I’m going to see the doctor this afternoon. Tori’s going to pick me up at school after my Intro to Mass Comm class, and hopefully the solution is in a pill or ear drops. Surgery I don’t even want to think about right now! 

But I don’t want to be like this forever, either!

That’s all from where I sit.



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