Feeling Sparky again

Feeling sparky again

Originally uploaded by Ms. Stef

I have a little more hearing than I did yesterday, and the pain has practically disappeared. Just a little pressure I can feel, but doesn’t really hurt that much.

I was able to turn the volume down on the TV, though everyone sounds like they’re on helium or something. It’s pretty amusing, actually.

And my right ear is no longer draining! Yay! LOL

I got two prescriptions from Dean yesterday: one is a steroid that has a gradual weaning off schedule. Yesterday, when I got it, I had to take 6 pills. Today I’ll take 5. One less everyday until they’re gone.

The other is Amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic. Usually, I get it in liquid form and it tastes awful, but this is in capsule form. I take three of those everyday for ten days.

If the result is that I get my full hearing back, it will be worth taking all those pills.

I sent this pic to Larry earlier today, and he thanked me for it saying that I look healthy again. Later in an IM, I told him that I felt sparky again.

And I do feel pretty darn good. Now I have to finish a paper that’s due at 12:30pm tomorrow.

That’s all from where I sit.



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