New meds

I got some different medication from Dean today to help with this thing with the ears, now going on week 2.

Two weeks with an ear infection? Only I can manage that one! LOL

Anyway, I got more of the steroid, Predisone, to take. It’s not a step down thing like the last one was. This one is 5 pills all at one time once a day. Take with food because it upsets the stomach (not taking any chances there, nope!).

Then there’s the ear drops that I have to put two drops in each ear four times a day until they’re gone. That’s going to be fuuuuun! They smell like vinegar…

Finally there’s the antibiotic, Cipro something or other, that I take twice a day. All of these until they’re gone. Hopefully by that time, I’ll have some semblance of hearing.

I do realize that the right ear may take longer because of the ruptured eardrum, about 6 to 8 weeks, but as long as I can hear well enough to finish the semester, I’ll be a happy girl!


I had this insipid conversation with Jon this afternoon that, if I had been within driving distance (with or without the Dizzies), I’d have gone over and choked the living daylights out of him! He kept nattering on about me using a hearing aid while the infection has a chance to clear up. He kept insisting that would be a good move for me. I told him that no doctor in his or her right mind would prescribe a hearing aid for someone with temporary hearing loss.

Maybe it’s a good thing that this conversation took place over Yahoo Mess-up-enger, because then I could just click out of the chat window until he had something else profound to say. He ended it by saying he had to get ready to go to karaoke.

Meanwhile, I can go on with my regularly scheduled life…

That’s all from where I sit.



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