What about the damn cookies?

What should i do

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When my group for Human Communications had its meeting on Monday night, it was decided that we would bring a snack for our classmates to enjoy while we were giving our presentation. Ashley agreed to bring cookies, and these are what she brought.

They are sold at Walmart, so it was convenient for Ashley to pick them up on the way to class.

We gave our presentation this morning and it went very well. I noticed that some of the cookies were left over, and since everyone but Jennifer (the prof) and I had left, I took them, thinking that I could snack on them while I was studying for my American Lit quiz.

Oh boy! These cookies were good but that blue frosting was way too much if you ask me! If they had been any sweeter, I’d have been in need an insulin shot (and I’m not even a diabetic!).

I tried scraping the frosting off (an old trick my dad used to do with birthday cakes when I was a kid when the sugary taste got to be too much), but there was still some left over on the cookie itself, and therefore the taste of the sugar was still present. These were your garden variety sugar cookies and without the frosting, they would have been edible. I managed to scrape the frosting off 2 of them before it became a big blue mess, so I just threw the remaining one and the container they came in away.

I don’t like to waste food, but it was just too much. I couldn’t even give them away!

Now I know why I never bought these. They tasted as sweet as they looked in the store. Bleh!

Maybe young people can eat all that sugar, but I certainly can’t do it anymore.

Plain ole sugar cookies would have been just fine with me. But since I didn’t buy them, I had no say. It was great of Ashley to offer to get something for the class, since Jennifer brought pizza for the first presentation last week.


Just have to finish up a paper for American Lit, study for Finals, take tests, and UCO Spring 09 (and my first year on campus) will be in the books!

Then the fun begins.

That’s all from where I sit.



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