I’ve been a busy girl today…

Even though I didn’t have to be anywhere til the afternoon, I woke up insanely early… like I do every morning!

At about 9am, I started my day.

I worked on my paper for American Lit. If I do everything this weekend, I can turn it in on Tuesday. If I take a day off to have some fun (because Lord knows I need it!) I’ll turn it in on Thursday when it’s due.

I made phone calls and sent emails.

I talked to various and sundry people both online and on the phone. Found out that Larry isn’t feeling well, but like the man he is, he went to work anyway. Hope he feels better soon.

Thought my follow up appointment for checking my ears was today, but it’s Monday. I have about 65% of my hearing, and I’m going to have Dean check my left ear for any more infection, because despite the medication I’m taking, that part of the problem is still bothering me, though not as much. But, still enough to bug me. I have less hearing in that ear than in the right ear with its ruptured eardrum.

Went and took the test for the Census Bureau and found out my score. Did pretty well. Hope this translates into a job.

Now I’m home and reading more stuff to include in American Lit paper.

I should think about fixing dinner.

Still planning to go to the Downtown Arts Festival tomorrow sometime. Rain or no rain. Maybe hang out with Chaz some. It’s been about 3 weeks since I saw him, so it would be good to see him now that I’m feeling better.

It’s so nice to hear things again! I just heard the flags flapping outside, so things are looking up.

I swear, I’ll never take my hearing for granted again. Life is so much better when you can hear it!

That’s all from where I sit.



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