Downtown Festival of the Arts

Chaz and I went to the Arts Festival this afternoon, but we didn’t stay very long. We didn’t want to spend outrageous money on food ($3.00 for a bottled water? Don’t think so!), the art pieces, while nice, were priced way out of anyone’s price range, like this one for example:

Saint Francis at downtown arts festival

Ole St. Francis here was priced at $21,000.00!!!!Riiight… I’ll take two!

I liked this one a lot:

Typewriter wide shot

I don’t know how much the artist wanted for this, I just liked looking at it. What does it mean? Damned if I know.

Here’s a close up of the keyboard:

Typewriter close up

It just occurred to me that the artist(s) could possibly stumble upon my blog and see their work(s) pictured here. I hope that I have your kind permission to keep these pics up here. I just like the pieces and want to expose them to a wider audience. If you are the artist(s) and you have any objections, please email me.

Later, Chaz and I went to Lake Hefner to watch the windsurfers and parasailors for a little while. It was really windy and that didn’t help my ears much. Then we went to the store and back to my apartment.  We had a snack, then Chaz went home so I could work on my paper for American Lit.

I need to wrap this semester up on a high note, since the last month was probably my lowest point because of the ears…

Back to real life.

That’s all from where I sit.



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