The week so far, or how in the hell did I get 296 spam messages in one f’n day?!

I kinda feel like a potted meat product right about now. Because:

  • I don’t read minds
  • I don’t automatically know how to do a task I’ve never been shown how to do
  • I don’t automatically know where something is if I’ve never been shown where it is
  • I don’t like being yelled at because I can’t keep up when I’m tired
  • If someone tells me one thing, then changes it at the last moment, and I record it for posterity with what I was originally told, then that’s not my fault that someone changes their mind.
  • Again, I don’t f’n read minds.

It’s because of stupid crap like this that I’m giving my two week notice at the job on Friday. I’ve been treated like crap at much better jobs than this one. Being yelled at all day for things I was never really trained to do gets old, and this got old in a hurry. I was never really “trained” to do this job, I was just thrown to the wolves, so to speak. Maybe an 18, 21 or 25 year old can put up with that, but I know better. If you want someone to do a good job, you have to at least show them the ropes for a day or two before expecting them to “perform” on cue.

Besides, I have another job waiting, and a potential one in the works.


Those 296 spam messages? Gone. Where’s Akismet when you need ’em? Aren’t they supposed to take care of the spam?


I miss my friend. He seems so distant now. What did I do wrong this time?

That’s all from where I sit.


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