Caught you peeking! :)

You know you can leave comments on any post, right? You were here for nearly five minutes, surely you must have had something to say about what I write here…

I’m just glad you came by. I’ll try not to piss and moan about stuff anymore (much).


I’ve got my write on again after Lord knows how long! And, I’ve got more where that came from! Woo hoo, I’m stoked!


Jeff fixed my bike up enough that I can ride it. The thing is now, will I be able to ride it to UCO and back next week? I’m kinda wobbly on the damned thing. Just need to practice more between now and Monday.

You should see this thing. I’ll post a picture of it in another post.

I need a car. Or a scooter.


That’s all from where I sit.



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