Flubs, foibles and total screw ups for the week ending June 12th…

and other crapola.

Flubs: rode the 80s “FrankenBike” to UCO on Monday and got totally and utterly exhausted in the process. And cabs are even harder to come by in Edmond than they were in Del City (I wish I’d never moved from there sometimes…*sigh*).

Foibles: I made it thru another week at the morning job. The boss is out of town this week, so we have her boss running the store.

Total Screw Ups: 1) I can’t make money fast enough to get things paid on time. Even with two part time jobs. 2) I sent a text message to a friend, but that friend’s spouse had my friend’s phone, and so I probably caused some tension, for which  I will profusely apologize if and when my friend decides that they want to drive up to Edmond to see me. 3) I need money fast… like yesterday. I’ve already lost my house phone because I couldn’t pay the bill on time. What’s next?


In other news: Scott texted me the other night asking for the name of the town where he was born 18 years and two weeks ago. He needed it for his application for Rose State.

He tells me that he’s only going to Rose  to get his core classes out of the way. Then he’s going to the out of state art college.

That means I have about two years to convince him that UCO has an excellent art program, and that he really should stay in state for that because that will save him, and me, and his aunt and uncle (who started his college fund) a ton of money in the long run.

I’m sure the school he has his heart set on is good, and will teach him much about art (and not just about the manga-style he’s so crazy about), but in these trying economic times, saving money should be paramount. But, Scott IS 18… he probably thinks he knows it all, and that money is no object. Wait until he gets in the real world. He’ll get an economics lesson he’ll never forget.

And I don’t want him to learn the hard way like his father and I did.


Appropo of nothing: the “new” Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien is stupid. It’s just his late night show an hour earlier, on the West Coast. He essentially has the same band, led by Max Weinberg, and Andy Richter as his Ed McMahon/Edd Hall/John Melendez.

I can’t wait for Jay Leno’s new show in the fall. Anything is better than “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”.


That’s all from where I sit.


😦 I’m so sorry about the text message. Had I known she had your phone, I’d have never sent the damn thing! Please forgive me?

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