I could very easily sleep away the next three days.

But, life isn’t that convenient. Not for me anyway.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to talk to the Food Stamp office to re-open my case. Chaz is going to drive me up there, then I guess he’ll take me to work at UCO tomorrow afternoon.

That means I have to have paperwork to prove how broke I am, or that I work 20 hours a week or some such nonsense. How do I do that for the UCO job when I get direct deposit. Print it out from school, or what?


Been having some nice conversations with various and sundry people from my past and present.  And, while nice, it all adds up to a great big ZERO!!

Am I such an awful person that I’m not worthy of a man I don’t have to share with some other woman? Why is it that married men seem to be attracted to me like moths to a flame, and the available guys avoid me like the plague?

Or Chaz, who months ago decided that at 65 he’s too old for me.

No one wants to admit they like the fat girl. And, even after losing about 45 lbs, I’m still the fat girl…

Maybe it’s because I’m  tired that I’m thinking this way, but I call ’em as I see ’em… and I don’t like what I’m seeing (or NOT seeing as the case may be).


Have I mentioned lately that I have rotten timing?

Wait, don’t answer that…

That’s all from where I sit.



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