My electric bill went up $30 and other flights of fancy

I’m just so tired lately… I apparently had a short conversation with a friend in Virginia last night and don’t remember it at all!


Damn A/C…while it feels good now that the temps are in the triple digits, the $30 spike on my July electric bill was a shock. I try to do without A/C as much as possible (like last night), but it’s just not possible when it’s so damn hot outside. Doesn’t help that at the morning job I have to wear all black.


Chaz bought me a used CD player at the flea market the other day. I may just have to break down, admit that technology is advancing farther than I’d like, and get an MP3 player. Chaz, on the other hand, could care less about all the new technological goodies (yours truly had to help him with his new cell phone)… which is why we drove to Shawnee on Friday to get CD-Rs. The only place within an hours drive of OKC was a Kmart (which are no longer in OKC for some reason) to buy a particular brand of CD-Rs. It was a nice drive, and Shawnee appears to be a nice little town in Pottawotomie County, but I’d like to go for more than a trip to buy a certain brand of something. There’s a mall there I’d have liked to check out, but Chaz isn’t into that sort of thing. Not many men in general are into that sort of thing.


This getting up at the crack of dawn to walk to a job five minutes away, then staying three hours past the time you get off because the manager forgot someone was on vacation this week is getting a little wearing on me. Stupid me agreed to stay, so my shopping trip will have to wait til Thursday now. The only good thing is that I made $10 in tips.


I think if I sat here any longer, I just might fall asleep. Thing is, I’m at UCO and not at home. The night job is gonna be fun tonight, believe you me!

That’s all from where I sit.



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