I. Need. Caffeine…NOW!

…and make it snappy, mister!

I feel so worn out. Getting my FinAid money, buying my books, and getting stuff ready for the upcoming semester will seem easy compared to having two jobs, bargaining for every second I can to make payments on time,  and trying to get enough sleep.

But to do any of that, I need to WAKE THE HELL UP!


I’m waiting for the bus today and a man who was waiting for the bus that goes into OKC asked me what bus I was waiting for. I told him and he offered me a ride (he does the “park and ride” thing) to  UCO , since I would have been sitting out in the hot weather  for nearly an hour. I took him up on it, because I really and truly didn’t want to sit at Edmond’s Festival Marketplace (where I’d have to transfer to the bus that takes me to UCO) until 2pm.

He frequents the University library, so I’ll probably see him around when school starts.


My UCO job ends this week. We made our goal of $30,000.00 in pledges to the College of Arts, Media and Design. I even got Mom, Jeff and even Jon to make small donations. Chaz just laughed at me (he’s not hurting for $$, trust me), and others plead poverty. I know the economy sucks, but if I can get money out of my ex husband for something he has no real stake in, then others could pony up a little ($5 – $25)  money for scholarships and programs (and it’s tax deductible!!!)


Ah, life. Such an adventure.

That’s all from where I sit.


🙂 Come along with me?

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