It’s the day before her 80th birthday and my mother is seeing ghosts?!

Not quite an hour ago, I got off the phone with my mom. We chit chatted about what’s going on in our lives when she says out of the blue “Your grandmother is here.”


See, my grandmother died 20 years ago this month, so there’s no way she could be at Mom’s house. Did I mention that Mom will be 80 tomorrow? She says this sensing her mother’s presence in the house started recently, usually when she’s just awakened from a nap or in the morning or just falling asleep. What I want to know is: what does this mean? This is weird, even for her. And I believe in an afterlife and supernatural phenomena. Like I said… this is too weird. Now if she starts saying that Dad is there, I’m gonna freak out big time!

That’s all from where I sit.



2 thoughts on “It’s the day before her 80th birthday and my mother is seeing ghosts?!

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your latest three posts. They inspired me to comment on all 3 — write here.

    First your mom’s ghost. As a Stephen Minister (one who sits with those going through life changes) reading about your mom’s experience reminded me of what is described in the book “Final Gifts”. For you to explore, if you’ve the time and interest.

    What’s the story morrning glory? I just loved this string of words that made me smile.

    School Daze – Big Chief tablets died in 2001. I know, because I too was looking for some earlier this year, to use as a party favor for my aunt’s retirement party (31 years of teaching 1st and 2nd graders).

    I’m new to blogging and I love yours. So I’m adding you to my blogroll. Hope that’s all rights. I’m also in Oklahoma. And in wordpress.


  2. Janell: Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around and leaving a comment.

    About Big Chief tablets: I have a friend who every year I’ve been in college makes the same joke about them. I’ll have to tell him that they no longer exist…

    What’s the Story Morning Glory is the title of an album/CD by the Smashing Pumpkins. I’ve always liked that particular phrase. Can’t say the same about the Pumpkins, though.

    Mom’s ghosts: I’ll check into “Final Gifts”. It sounds fascinating!

    Finally, it’s perfectly okay to add me to your blogroll. Hopefully my postings will be more frequent here in the near future.

    Thanks again for stopping by! –Stef

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