Raining in the bathroom, multi year HS reunion I can’t attend, and other nonsense…

My high school in California is holding a multi year reunion this weekend and I can’t go. I knew months ago I couldn’t because 1) July 31st is my mother’s 80th birthday and I’m not going to miss that; 2) I don’t have the extra dinero to spare to fly out to Costa Mesa, pay for all the events I’d want to attend, find a place to stay, and fly home; and 3) it’s a good thing I’m not going, because of what happened Tuesday night in my bathroom…


I heard the drip-drip-drip about 2 seconds before I could get off the couch to witness gallons of water pouring into my bathroom through the light fixtures! I went into full panic mode for about 30 seconds, then called the maintenance guy on duty that night to report it.

Turns out that there was a pipe or something attached to the toilet in the vacant apartment upstairs and it had come off, so all the water that was supposed to run to that bathroom filled up in the space between that apartment’s floor and my ceiling with water. The dripping I heard was just the beginning of an ongoing saga… one that included a wet vac, four rolls of paper towels (and counting), carpet people, the exterminator’s monthly visit to spray for bugs, waiting for the ceiling to dry enough so that the drywall can be replaced, four bags of trash and debris…  a partridge in a pear tree, and the kitchen sink.

Yesterday, I was afraid to come home after work, fearful that I would find my bathroom ceiling on the floor. So far, it’s stayed put.

Yes, it’s a good thing that I couldn’t afford to go to my high school’s multi year reunion, or the damage could very well have been much, much worse…


School starts two weeks from Monday, and I can’t wait. Now if I could just get my financial aid money before the 17th so I can buy my books and other supplies, I think I will be okay.

For the time being.


NOTE: Regular postings to Where it’s @ ! will return probably towards the end of August. Part of my summer break not only included me working two part time jobs, but it also included my computer being in the shop (where they charged me money I didn’t have to tell me there was not anything really  wrong with it) and sacrificing my internet access in the interest of saving money. I will have my internet back in August, but my home phone will be history. I can only afford one phone, and I’ve decided to switch providers and have only a cell phone.

Gotta save money where I can, still be able to pay my remaining bills on time and pay for school.

It’s about choices. Ones I wish I didn’t have to make, but one does what one has to in order to have food, clothing and shelter. And a cell phone and internet access.

That’s all from where I sit.



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