I think I’ve been adopted…

by a little black and white declawed female cat that has been hanging around in the breezeway of my apartment building for the last week. I think she may have been abandoned by the former residents of the apartment above mine. Today I left water out for her and she allowed me to pick her up. She licked my chin and purred as I held her. I even picked up a small box of cat food in case she came back…but it had been raining and thundering so maybe she’s hiding somewhere. Since she’s been declawed (front paws only) she can’t really be an outdoor cat because she has no way to defend herself. I’ll take her in and if I have to pay the pet deposit then I will. With Danforth Road just outside my bedroom window I’d hate to see her get hit by a car. I’m such a softie for cats…and it’s been nearly seven years since I had at least one cat in my life. Maybe it’s time. If I can’t have this one then maybe I’ll actively look for one of my own.


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