Gearing up for school… and no “Big Chief” tablets in sight!

I should find one of those “Big Chief” writing tablets and take a picture of myself with it and send it to someone.

I’m not going to Kindergarten for cryin’ out loud! I’m a junior in college now!

Took me long enough to get here… only 25 years LOL

And I know he’s teasing me anyway.


My textbooks are ridiculous… when I went to price them the other day, the total came out to (I shit you not) $688.00! That’s was at the Barnes and Noble on campus. The most expensive book was almost $260.00! You’d think that it would be for one of the classes for my major, but it wasn’t. It was for my Spanish II class that meets four days a week!

Talk about your sticker shock! Last semester, my books were just under $500.00. What the hell happened between then and now? The majority of my books are used, but they still ain’t cheap!


Good thing I don’t have kids in elementary school anymore, or I’d be soooo broke getting school supplies…

Yesterday, I went to WalMart to get notebook paper, and I got a zippered binder as well. That binder was $15.00! For fifteen smackeroos, the damn thing should be able to do my homework for me, too, in addition to holding said notebook paper, pens, pencils and syllabi for all of my classes.

Folks, even with my financial aid, I’m not freakin’ made of money! That binder better last the whole damn year!



Tomorrow is my last day at the morning job. I put in my two week notice on my mom’s birthday on July 31st. Part of me is going to miss that job (for all the bitching and moaning I did about it), and part of me is glad I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to help open the store.

And if I want to (and I’m desperate enough probably) I could go back during winter break and work. I’ll have all semester to think about it.

That’s all from where I sit.



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