First week of school and other miscellaneous crapola

(and no, this isn’t going to be a Friday only thing…I had to have something to write about first…)

The day had finally arrived: August 17th. Besides it being Tori and Dean’s 13th wedding anniversary, it was the first day of the fall semester at my particular institute of higher education.

My classes are interesting, challenging, and other than the Spanish class I have four days a week, are in my major. That took a bit of wrangling, but it got done.

The first week is called “Stampede Week”, where all the fraternities and sororities and other service oriented on campus organizations try to garner new members. And they all give out free stuff. On Wednesday, I got five free t-shirts, some highlighters, pens, notebooks, and other stuff. I may never have to buy another t-shirt at UCO for the rest of my tenure here if this keeps up. It’s all about saving money at this point.

I got my financial aid money and the only big purchases I’ve made are books and my rent. Yesterday I got my final paycheck from the morning job, and that was a decent amount of money I wasn’t really counting on, but will definitely come in handy for other things. Like the new cell phone and plan I’m thisclose to getting. I just have one question about it, and I can ask the representative at the store about that if and when I get there. I can’t get there on the bus, so I have to ask someone to take me there. Daniel said he’d do it, and I offered to buy gas for his car and buy him lunch. I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately, but his demeanor is less than stellar. Maybe it’s because he’s 25 and still living with his grandmother while all his friends are living on their own. I don’t know.


Of all the girls on the UCO campus, I’m supposed to look for one who kinda looks like a famous actress? You know how many short, blonde and cute girls there are here?! It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack! Not only do I not know what she looks like, but I don’t know her name or anything…just that she’s dating the son of a friend of mine and attends UCO.

I’m not going there. There are probably lots of people I may know who go to school here that I don’t realize go to school here. Much less one I don’t know.


Scott starts at Rose State on Monday… that is if he’s sufficiently recovered from mono. He couldn’t return to work at the grocery store where his brother is his boss without a doctor’s note declaring him no longer contagious. Having had mono myself some 30+ years ago, he’s lucky that he hasn’t had to quit his job and delay his attendance at school. Damn lucky indeed. I was in the sixth grade and I missed a month of school. Maybe treatment options have improved greatly since 1976.

That’s all from where I sit.




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