Yes! I’m back online at home again!

Only took the whole freakin’ summer, that’s all… LOL


Spanish class was cancelled yet again today! Dr. Bird must be ill or something. This class meets 4 days a week, and we were supposed to have a test on Monday (8/31). I’ll have to check UCOnnect to see if she sent an email to the class about whether she will be there tomorrow.

UCOnnect was having its own problems. No one could get on it. Today was the first day I was able to access my school email account in about a week. Looks like they’ve reverted back to its old login page for the time being. As long as students, staff and faculty can use it, I don’t care what the login page looks like! 


Larry and I were having this discussion on Mess-up-enger this morning about work ethics. An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay and all that. See, he and I are on the same page about that (probably because we’re in the same age range), but I commented that there are some young adults who want to get paid, but not do the work required of them to get that paycheck. Larry countered that there are deadbeats of all ages.

I went to work at the morning job every day for the three and a half months I worked there. I didn’t call in (sometimes I was tempted to, I will admit), came in on time, and did what I was told. That’s why when I gave my notice, my boss told me that if I wanted to come back at a later date, I had a job.

When I worked the summer job at UCO, same thing. Showed up every day, made my calls, and even though I didn’t raise the most money, I did raise quite a bit. For that, I got a bonus payment. Right now, that bonus (listed in my bursar’s account as a “scholarship”) is still pending payment. It’s not a huge amount, but I did earn it. I can wait for it. But if it’s still sitting there mid semester, then I’ll say something to someone about it.


Now that I’m back online at home, I can actually get some homework done.

That’s all from where I sit.



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