Saturday in Edmond America

I got up late this morning, later than I usually do. I haven’t done that in a long time. Usually, I get up automagically at 7am regardless of whether I have to be anywhere that day. That started when I was still at the morning  job.

I still set the alarm on my phone though.

After I got up and got myself put together so I looked decent, I went to the store and only bought as much as I thought I could carry on the bus without messing my knees and back up any more than they already are. I wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market downtown, but I just didn’t have the motivation for it today.

Tomorrow, I’m going to work on my radio commercial for Dr. O’s class, and my story without sound project for my TV Field Production class… and do the laundry at the same time.

No rest for the weary… even during Labor Day weekend.


Chaz called me this afternoon asking about when I wanted to go to the Oklahoma State Fair that starts later this month. He suggested we go on Senior Citizens day… but he’d be the only one that would get in for a reduced price. If we went on the first day of the fair on Sept. 17th, we could both get in for a dollar. There’s another day where admission is $2, but I think that I’d rather go on a weekend day than during the week, then trying to go to class the next day.

I don’t do anything at the fair, really. I don’t ride rides and I don’t eat on the midway if I can help it. After working for a carnival outfit in New England seven years ago, I know better. The food is way over priced because the joint owners have to make a profit, and the rides… well let’s say that if I do get on one, that the person or persons who put it together weren’t having a bad day or pissed off at the midway boss. I know of one midway boss who got his ass sent to jail because he cut corners. Someone died because of his negligence.

Personally, I like the exhibit halls and the animal exhibits. Those don’t cost anything but the price of admission. If you choose to buy something there, then that’s on you.

I really want to go with someone other than Chaz, though. My kids, my family, friends, or one particular friend. Last year at this time, Chaz and I were still “dating” (if you really want to call it that). It was shortly after I moved here to Edmond that he decided that he was too old for me.


And someone else has yet to visit here. The 19th will be a year since I signed the lease here, and I really wanted to see him on my turf.

I swear, if I had a car that was reliable, I’d have never moved from Del City. I could commute from there to UCO every day. If I get a car any time soon, I wouldn’t mind moving back there. I’d still be close to my family, but not in the same town. The problem is money. I never have enough money saved that doesn’t have to go to other things. No money in the budget to buy a car, tags and insurance. If someone wants to give me a car, I can do the tags and insurance. But I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to wait to see if someone really wants to make the trip up here, or is just telling me he wants to but has no real plans to do so.

That’s all from where I sit.


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