Re: President Obama’s Speech to Students on 8 Sept 09

The full text of the speech is posted at the White House’s website: (where you can also watch the speech live tomorrow):

I’ve read the speech.  I like what the President says.  I don’t see anything wrong with the tone of this speech. It sounds like the same talk, the same advice he’d give his own daughters. And if it’s good enough for Sasha and Malia, then it’s good enough for your child(ren) as well.

I’d let my kid see it. And he will. He’s 15.

I wish I’d had this opportunity when I was 15.

But, as parents, you have to make decisions that are right for your family. If you feel that your kids shouldn’t see this speech, ask your child’s school if there’s an alternative activity they can do instead. But, by all means, if your child wants to view the speech with his or her classmates, I’d consider honoring that request if I were you. Since I’m not you, that decision is all yours.

But, enough with the overreacting about brainwashing and socialist agendas, all right? That kind of nonsense isn’t good for your kids to see, in my humble opinion.

This is a rare opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime. As I’ve said, I wish I had a President of the United States have a televised speech for students in my generation. How cool would that have been?

That’s all from where I sit.



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