Feeling very un-Pollyanna-like today

Okay, how much worse could this week get?

First, my computer crashes.

Now I need a Spanish tutor.

The thing that pisses me off about the Spanish thing is that I told my academic advisor last spring that I thought I needed to take Spanish I again because it had been (at that point) a year since I had it at Rose State, and I barely passed it then (don’t take foreign languages online in a college setting). I wanted to take the class over, and I was told that it was already on my transcript, that I passed it, and that I should take Spanish II.

It’s now been over a year and a half since that original class at Rose, and this class is showing me that yes, that year and a half of not taking any language is taking its toll. I can still read Spanish, but speaking it and writing it is kicking my ass. So, I’m going to get a tutor and see if I can squeak out a passing grade. I’ve already failed the first test, and I am NOT pleased with this at all. I wanted to take Spanish I over again, but nooooooooo… I had to take Spanish II.

This is contributing to my less than happy and positive attitude. Larry tried to joke me out of it, but this really concerns me. I have to pass this class!

I shudder to think what else could go wrong this week.

Oh yeah… shelling out money to get my crashed computer repaired. Money I can ill afford to spend. I already paid money back in June to have computer looked at and was told there was nothing wrong with it other than it had too much “junk” on it (i.e. lots of files I probably don’t use).

Now, if I take it somewhere else and they tell me it crashed because of a virus (which is what I suspect), I’m going to be really, REALLY pissed off!

So, no, I’m not feeling very Pollyanna/Mary Poppins-esque today.

How was YOUR day, hmmmm?

That’s all from where I sit.



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