Stef’s Rants: the “Who the hell do you think you are?!” edition

Item one: Before I went to my one class yesterday, I saw Kate Gosselin on “The View”.

Then I tweeted about it. I am so sick of this selfish woman being on TV, in magazines, and on the internet incessantly!

Seems that Mrs. Gosselin is now doing a pilot for her own talk show.

Someone please explain to me why is this woman so, I don’t know, significant? Okay, she parlayed the fact that she and her husband had twins, then sextuplets, and someone thought it was a grand idea to build a reality show around this fact. Hope those people can sleep at night.

Kate and her husband, Jon, have separated. She supposedly cheated on him; he now has a much younger girlfriend. He’s bitter. She apparently is taking the “fame” from all this and wants to be famous…as if that will make her happy. She’s forgotten one little detail: She has eight children.

At what price is her fame going to come? Okay, the marriage is already toast. Is her relationship with those eight children going to be next? Had she and Jon not had a reality show, would they still be together?

Maybe she should worry more about what her children are going through than whether or not she has a talk show.

And that’s my main problem with so-called “reality shows”. First off, they’re about as real as a Barbie doll. Most of these “unscripted” shows are really manipulations of certain events. If the producers want a certain thing to happen, then they make it happen.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette is a perfect example. How many of those couples who get engaged on those shows actually wed and stay married. I can only think of one. Trista and Ryan. They now have two children and are still married.

Most of the time, it’s all a big game just to get ratings. The more people are humiliated, shamed, and made to look foolish, the more the viewers like it and the more rating points it gets.

I think, personally and speaking only for myself, that the Reality Show genre has run its course. Some shows should never be aired, especially if children are involved.

I like the shows where real people are featured who don’t expect to ever become famous (but do anyway because they are genuinely liked). America’s Got Talent, which ended its season this week, is one show I always watch because there are real people involved who realize that appearing on the show is a one shot chance to perhaps a better life. The man who eventually won, an unemployed farm hand named Kevin Skinner, was genuinely likable because he was being himself. He might not have the greatest singing voice in the world, but his performances on the show were memorable because he sang from his soul, and America responded to that.

Sometimes, it’s just that simple. Then we have people like Kate Gosselin, who, because of all the attention her show gets, thinks it’s perfectly okay to sacrifice her morals for the sake of being “famous”. Guess what, Kate? I’ll take a thousand Kevin Skinners over one of you any day.

Your fifteen minutes of fame expired long ago. Now shut the hell up and go back to Pennsylvania and be a mom to those children of yours.

(Oh, and don’t even get me started on the “Octomom”!)

That’s all from where I sit.



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