You know you’re going somewhere a lot

When they know you by name. Kinda like “Cheers”.

The Starbucks in the UC now know who I am and what I usually order. One employee was shocked when I only got a bottle of Frappachino instead of my “usual” venti mocha chip Frappachino.

That damn drink alone is five bucks!!


That WAS Larry’s son and his girlfriend I saw at the fair! Larry was there, too, he says. Out of a zillion people at the fair yesterday, how in the hell was I supposed to find one man? Seeing his son there was happenstance.

Would’ve been nice to see a friendly and familiar face. Because Chaz was a downer.

If that’s what it’s like to get old, then I don’t wanna. I can’t imagine being like that. Or worse, like my mother. I told someone today that I want to get older with grace and a sense of humor and fun.


I’m at Flatire Burgers across from the UCO library. They’re playing 80s pop. Eeeek! Am I THAT old???

That’s all from where I sit.


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