You know, I coulda found that out for free…

Instead, I went to the Wellness Center to find out I just have a really bad cold.

I had blood drawn to check out other things that might be causing my fatigue. Because I’m not depressed according to the little survey the doctor had me fill out. But I told him that…

He was concerned about the fact that I bruise easily and that it takes so long for the bruise to go away. I wonder what that means?

Hopefully, it only means that people shouldn’t poke me or I should not be such a klutz.

They took 5 vials of blood. They weighed me, which is never fun for me. And this time, instead of weighing less, I’ve gained weight, despite the fact that my clothes are loose on me. The shirt I’m wearing today is a size large (I haven’t worn a size large t shirt in years!). I mean, I hardly eat! I walk everywhere when I’m not on a time crunch (like getting to class on time). So why have I gained weight? I’d like to think I’m building muscle under all this excess, but I don’t think so.

And all this information cost me was $200, all because I don’t have insurance. I could have found out the same stuff from Dean for free! But I didn’t want to bother him with any of this.

It has, however, messed up my budget. Time to refigure stuff.

And I’ll know the results of the blood test by the end of the week. Just watch, they’ll all come back normal. Which doesn’t answer the $64,000 question:

Why am I so damn tired all. the. time.

That’s all from where I sit.



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