Got bloodwork results and Number 3 Son gets engaged

Yesterday, I actually felt human again and went to all my classes. Right before my first class, I got a call from the Wellness Center with part of my bloodwork results.

  • My clotting test was normal
  • So was my thyroid function (so they were wrong all these years, or what?)
  • I had bacteria in my urine sample, and was given a prescription for Cipro.
  • I also have a low platelet count, but not too low. They want to retest me in a month.

Of course, I look up “low platelet count” on Google, and the results of that, once I started reading them, got me wondering what the hell was going on!

A lot of what I read kinda scared me… but the symptoms that were listed are some of the same ones I’ve been complaining about for the last several months. Fatigue, not eating, sleeping a lot, the bruising… were all listed for things like leukemia, lymphoma, and various immune system disorders. It was the fatigue and the bruising that concerned me the most. Maybe the retest will be better.

I’m going to get a second opinion, and ask Dean to recommend someone.

I just want to feel normal (MY normal) again. This being tired all the time shit is a real drag. I’m usually pretty active, so finding the cause to this (whatever it turns out to be) is something I should pursue until I get an answer. I don’t want my health problems to affect my life and my pursuit of my Bachelor’s. I didn’t start this just to get it derailed by some stupid health issue. I AM going to get that degree, and if I’m 50 when I do, so be it.


Scott got officially engaged the other night. Sarah’s family was surprised. They like Scott so it’s all good.

My family, or rather, certain members of my family, not so much. Since I can’t really speak for them, I’ll speak for me.

I’m happy that Scott has taken this step, but at the same time concerned because he and Sarah are still so young, in school, and probably have no idea of what marriage will be like. I am going to suggest that they get pre marital counselling, because that will help them avoid those inevitable pitfalls that seem to plague young couples.

See, Jon and I didn’t do that. I don’t want the same for Scott and Sarah. I want them to be prepared for marriage, and not play it by ear. That doesn’t work.

This also includes me getting to know Sarah better. The few times I met her, she was very nice and polite, and obviously crazy about my son. My other sons think she’s weird, but it’s not their life, is it? Personally, I think there’s a little jealousy going on there. Who’da thought it would be the Number 3 Son who would take this step first?

I haven’t told Jon about this. I think Scott should do that, if he chooses to.

That’s all from where I sit (at a Mac with a tiny keyboard in the computer lab in the Comm Building at school).



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