What the…?

The guy who moved into the apartment upstairs from me last month is doing some kind of rhythmic tapping or something, and it’s driving me up the wall!


I went to the store. That’s all I did today. I didn’t go to the Homecoming parade, tailgate party or the football game like I had planned to. I was just too damn tired. I slept most of the afternoon.

Now that I have a vague idea what might be wrong with me, I just want to get it taken care of and get my life back. Living like this is a drag, literally and figuratively. Fibromyalgia I can deal with, because there are steps I can take to keep the symptoms under control. But this new thing…? Since I don’t have a clear diagnosis of what exactly is wrong, I can’t yet take steps to either fix it myself or get it fixed.

If I need to get it fixed, I need to get some health insurance, or medicare (it’s called “Sooner Care” here in Oklahoma), or something, pronto. Problem is, I can’t afford insurance right now. It’s just not in the budget. Just making my bills is a struggle.

I’m the kind of person that so-called “Obama-care” is meant to help. Of course, our elected officials will drag their feet long enough to screw it all up. How many people are going to have to die because they couldn’t afford treatment? The elected officials won’t have a thing to worry about because they HAVE health insurance.

I don’t.

Every job I’ve had since I left Putnam Investments seven years ago did not offer health care coverage. I’d gladly allow some small amount to be deducted from my paycheck each pay period to pay for it.

UCO offers student health plans, but that’s $500 per semester, and it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. I can’t be on my mother’s insurance, since she’s 80 and I’m 45.

So what’s a middle aged college student with health issues to do?

Ponder that for a while…

That’s all from where I sit.



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