We interrupt this study session for the following announcement

I am not feeling any better at all. I’m still perpetually exhausted, still covered in bruises I don’t know how I got, and now there are little red dots on my feet, legs, and pretty much where I’ve had a bruise or have scratched to get rid of the constant itchiness I’ve had for the last, literally, seven months.

And now, my left ear is bothering me again. This is the one that took the longest to clear up from the Ear Infection from Hades I had last spring.

(As a reminder, the right ear had the ruptured eardrum, which had healed suprisingly well. When I had my check up at the Student Health Center in September, the doctor couldn’t even tell it had been damaged.)

I’m going in for the repeat urine sample on Friday, and at that time, I’ll make an appointment to have my platelet count checked again. I hope this doesn’t cost me a small fortune, because after I pay November’s rent, I’ll be officially in my Usual State of Financial Embarrassment.

Time to go back to the day job I had during the summer, I think. It’s the only way I’ll make it thru til January when I get my financial aid for the spring semester. At least it isn’t going to be three months again. I think I can only handle about two months at a time (half of November, all of December, and about half of January).

Of course, if my health issues become serious, then that will really mess things up.

One day at a time, Stef. One day at. a. time.


Yesterday (10/20) was Chaz’s birthday, which he’d like to not be reminded of. He’s been a little under the weather, so he’s more cantankerous than usual, but was gracious when I wished him a happy birthday. Then he went into the “my wife’s dead and gone, the children are grown, the grandkids are nearly grown…” mantra I’ve heard a million times before.

Then he told me an amusing story about his kid brother (ten years younger than Chaz) and the brother’s girlfriend…

Chaz said that of all his siblings, he’s the only one who had children. And he’s the cantankerous one?! LOL!


I think I better head to bed, before it gets too late and I become cantankerous from lack of sleep.

That’s all from where I sit.


😀 you walking around the house in the all together? Hmmm, now that would be a treat!

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