Of strawberries and whipped cream…

Having a lively conversation with someone where the title of this post was mentioned.

It definitely has its possibilities. 😉


After something like two weeks of leaving Jon messages, voice mails and texts, he finally calls me back this morning while I’m waiting for the bus. Of course the girlfriend is with him (are they living together now?!), and she wants to butt into my conversation with Jon about a private matter.

Sweetheart, this is an A/B conversation. C your way out.

Jon still doesn’t have a job, and is still studying for his Microsoft certification tests. He’s been studying for months now, when’s he gonna get off his ass and DO something?

See, part of our divorce agreement was that he is to provide me with health insurance, and since he’s not employed, he can’t do that. So the girlfriend comes up with all these ideas, none of which I can write down because, hello!, I’m waiting for a bus and don’t have a pen or paper handy.

Jon wants me to call back when I’m able to write stuff down. I just don’t want to talk to her.

I think he should call me when she’s not around.


Gave the urine sample at the Student Health Center today. I’ll know something by next week. A new provider has taken over the facility, so I’m not seeing the same doctor. I’m half tempted to ask for my medical records and go see someone on my own.

This is getting so old…


I think I’m going to head home and take a nap before tackling my homework. I’ll be so glad when this semester is over. Between the tough classes and my health issues, I feel like I’m losing my ever lovin’ mind!!!

That’s all from where I sit.


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