My Semi-Charmed kinda life (baby, baby)

(With apologies to Third Eye Blind)

Boy, does my life stink as of late or what?

It seems like my turn to have all this crap fall on me all at once. I’ve even questioned if the stress and pressure I put myself under to work on this damned degree is worth it, because I feel like I’m getting majorly burned out.

I need a vacation, a leave of absense (because I’ve already taken leave of my senses, apparently), just some quiet to deal with all this.

Add on top of all this the medical sh!t I’ve been trying to get corrected for the last several months, and it’s not a pretty picture, IMHO.

And what’s with this hypersensitivity lately? That’s the thing that’s puzzling me. I take things that people say and turn them around so much that it doesn’t even resemble their originial intent. I’m sure there is at least one person who’s questioning my sanity at this point (besides me, of course).

I just don’t know what it is. As if extreme exhaustion, bruising, the Itchies, the one meal a day thing wasn’t enough, I have to add DRAMA to it too?

Hell, I should have named this post “Confessions of a middle aged drama queen”.

This all confuses the crap out of me, and I hate it with a white hot passion. It’s right up there with moving and dealing with Jon.

I just want to tear my hair out! Arggggghhhh!!

Something’s gotta change, and damn soon. Or else I’ll be buying my ticket to the funny farm…

I don’t even know what size straight jacket to ask for.

What a dilemma!

That’s all from where I sit.


PS: the problems I’m having are real, but without a sense of humor, I’d really be a drama mama!


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