Warning: Lightning Rod Issue Ahead

There is a display here at UCO today about abortion. It is meant to educate people about what abortion is. Included in this display are posters of aborted fetuses and parts of fetal bodies. It is not pleasant to look at. In fact, it upset me.

Before you jump to conclusions, I must tell you that I have never had an abortion, and would never advocate it to someone else. You should also know that I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and the Church is vehemently opposed to abortion. This is something that I would never and have never chosen for myself, but if someone is thinking about it, then I think that person should have the option to end their pregnancy.

But, a question was posed to me today by one of the volunteers at the display: does an unborn child have human rights?

If it’s not okay to kill your child once it’s born, why is it okay to kill it before it’s born?

I have to admit that I had no answer for that. What’s the difference? If, as I believe, an unborn child is a human being and therefore has human rights, then who am I or anyone else to decide to end that child’s life?

I think that’s where I have a huge problem with Roe v. Wade. Hell, even the woman who inspired the law had a change of heart and is now a pro life activist.

I don’t know what I believe now. Should women have the right to terminate their pregnancies, and have that procedure done by someone who is medically trained to do so? Or, should Roe v. Wade be overturned and we go back to the alternative of back alley abortions by people who probably watched a video about how to perform the procedure, and have women dying because they’re desperate, scared, or think they have no other alternatives?

What if you were the mother of a woman who died as a result? How would you feel?

What if you were the parent of a woman who had the procedure done safely, and you found out after the fact? What if you were the parent of the man who fathered the child? What if you were the father of the now aborted child and didn’t know about it until after the fact?

Yes, I know that there are lots of people who pressure women into getting abortions for one reason or another. I’m not talking about them with the questions posed above.

As many readers of Where It’s @ ! know, I am the mother of four sons. Three of them are adults. What if a girl one of them was dating found herself pregnant, thinking that whichever son she was seeing wouldn’t want to be tied down with a baby in that point in life, and felt she had no other choice to terminate the pregnancy?

This is why I want to get to know the girls that my sons date. I want these young women to know they have a friend and ally in me. That they can come to me with a problem or a question or a concern, even if it doesn’t involve their relationship with whichever son they happen to be dating.

I know this is a loaded post, and a lot of people will find this subject uncomfortable. I know that some may want to debate me on this. I do want to know what my readers think about this, but if there are flames in the comments, then expected to be deleted. Name calling is stupid and gets nothing accomplished. I know I have mature readers out there.

That’s all from where I sit.


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