What the hell is going on here???

First, some Army officer snaps and shoots at people at Ft. Hood, Texas, killing 12 and wounding 31 others…

Today, some disgruntled former employee (is there any other kind?) opens fire at an office building in Orlando, Florida…

What is this world coming to?

In the case of the Ft. Hood shootings, it appears that the man responsible was a doctor who counseled soldiers returning from the war zones, and was upset by the things he heard. He was scheduled to deploy himself later this month, and didn’t want to go.

And people are freaking out because Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a practising Muslim. To some people, that automatically means “terrorist”, but this man was born in the United States. According to news reports,

An imam from a mosque Hasan regularly attended said Hasan, a lifelong Muslim, was a committed soldier, gave no sign of extremist beliefs and regularly wore his uniform at prayers.

In my humble opinion, I think this man just snapped. It happens, especially in times of war. You see too much, you hear too much, and your mind can’t process it all.

I’m not excusing what this man did… he killed and wounded people on a military base. The one place you’d think people would be safe.

It’s just a tragedy all around.

There will be more on this in the days to come. As for this shooting in Orlando, it’s still a developing story, so I don’t want to say anything more about that until there are more facts.

That’s all from where I sit.



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