Whaddya mean the turkeys didn’t show up?!

I went to video the wild turkeys that have been roaming my sister’s neighborhood for the past couple of months, and they never showed up. The only one I saw was roadkill on I-35 just as we were getting off at Sooner Road…

So I interviewed my sister, my niece and Marc about seeing the gaggle of turkeys that once numbered around 2 dozen, but that has dwindled by about two-thirds as of last week. It’s hunting season, so I guess they’re getting picked off one at a time.

The assignment is due Thursday, so I’ve decided to put a humorous spin on it by blaming the turkeys for not showing up. I still don’t think I have enough raw footage, so I think I will see if I can keep the camera and stuff another day.

To that end, all that stuff has to be back by 8am tomorrow morning, so I have to be on that 7am bus. That means I have to go to bed now.


That’s all from where I sit.


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