Everything’s due WHEN?!


The 13th.

Four days from now.

Except my news package which is due Thursday @ 0930.

Am I ever going to get it all done?!

Only a month to go in the semester, and I am already frazzled. I’m so worried about passing my classes  that I even dream about it. How whacked out is that?

Then there was the dream in which Larry took me somewhere, then left me there to fend for myself.

What’s up with that?!

Maybe I need to take a long nap after class…I was on campus at 7-something this morning to return the video equipment I borrowed, then went back home to get my books and fix my hair (because Lord only knows which version of Stef 45.9.o left my apartment this morning).

And, I have to laugh…Larry still thinks it’s the circus I “ran away” to join in 2002. It’s kind of a long running private joke…still funny LOL

I better get my bodacious Italian backside out of the library and over to the Comm Building.

That’s all from where I sit.


(oh no! it’s that weird guy from Syracuse, NY from the bus who talks to himself. Does he even go to school here?)


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