This what happens when you burn the candle from both ends…

They meet in the middle and you spend an entire weekend sick in bed.

At least the three assignments that were due today were done, but now that the due dates have been pushed back a few days, I did all that worrying for nothing (Okay, okay, Larry…you were right, I was wrong…so sue me 🙂 !).

At the moment though, I feel like crud. Doesn’t help that November weather FINALLY decided to show up, and it’s cold as crap outside. And as I hear the flags flapping outside my window, it is not only cold, but no doubt now there’s a wind chill involved.

Lovely. That’s all my lowered immunities need: an invitation to catch something worse than the cold I’ve already got.

Tomorrow (I hope!), Nanook of the North will be emerging from my apartment. It’s just me, bundled up against the elements.

And to think I lived in Massachusetts at one time… *sigh*

That’s all from where I sit.



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