Well, I made it to school

And I actually stayed in class without wanting to throw up or take a nap.

Now I’m in the library because my laptop has decided that I’m not going to log in  as the administrator. So, I can’t do work at home unless it’s in longhand and I come early and type it up.

This sucks.

Being sick sucks, too. I’m still sick, but I only have two weeks in this semester (by far the worst for me academically since I decided to go back to college almost three years ago), so I put on my big girl pants and dealt with it.

I need to go home though. My back just can’t take this being hunched over a computer keyboard anymore. Keep that up and I’ll be hunched over.


Well, I asked for too much, and now I have nothing. Why is it that so people are so uptight about talking about themselves? Maybe it’s my curiousity, maybe I’m nosy, maybe it’s just the writer in me that wants to know things about people that they don’t want to talk about.

Hell, my life isn’t that exciting. But still I manage to write a whole blog about my life all the time.

Yes, there are things in my past I’m not particularly proud of; and yes, there are things about me that I’ll never share on Where It’s @ ! Sometimes, I have to put up the filters on myself.

If I’m asking about your life, your past, what makes you you, then I’m interested in knowing more. And it goes no further than me. It will not appear here on the blog.


Was that a chill? I better get off this computer and get the hell home!


That’s all from where I sit.




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