Two more weeks…

and if I make out of this semester alive, I’ll be one happy girl!

I’m so disappointed though. This has been the worst semester academically since I made the decision to go back to college after returning from Wyoming in 2006.

I’m also disappointed in my major. Being a broadcasting major isn’t what I expected at all!! It’s mostly television, and I feel like that I’m being shortchanged in that regard because I have almost no desire to do anything in television except write. There is precious little that has to do with radio broadcasting.

I don’t know if I’m at the point where I’d want to change my major (and possibly delaying my graduation even further) just yet. But the thought has crossed my mind.

First and foremost, I’m going to spend my winter break trying to solve the mystery that my health has become in the last year. It’s just too much to ignore any longer.

Then, I might do other things to get ready for the spring semester. Like get completely 100% well, so that I don’t lose anymore time to being preoccupied with what the hell’s wrong with me.


“…give in to the night…”


That’s all from where I sit.


One thought on “Two more weeks…

  1. awe, keep your head up! life may seem hard now, but it’ll get better! good things come to those who wait… i know its hard, but you’re struggling now so that your future(with a degree) will be so much better!

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