The Post Thanksgiving Post

Went over to Mom’s Wednesday night so I could be there in the morning to make the “Famous” cranberries. Watched Macy’s parade and the dog show while making said cranberries. Then we went over to my sister’s and ate waaay too much, talked a lot, listened to music off Dean’s iPhone (Dr. I-Gotta-Have-the-Latest-and-Greatest-Technological-Doodad).

Scott’s fiancee’ Sarah was there, too, after having Thanksgiving with her own family. Sarah is a nice girl, and I think she’s good for Scott, but they are both much, much too young to get married. Some time before Christmas, I’m going sit both of them down and strongly suggest that they not only wait a while before tying the knot, but to also get some kind of marriage counselling. And if they marry in the Catholic church, they pretty much have to.

At least Dean’s sister Caroline wasn’t there…she’s a nice gal, but she just kinda rubs me the wrong way. And, according to Dean’s mom Gloria, Caroline has legally changed her name to something that will allow her to express her creativity, or something like that.

Hell, I have a “nom de plume”, too, but I’m not about to change my name legally to that. It was a trial just to get to resume using my name after divorcing Jon. I’m not willing to go through that again. If and when I marry again, I’m not changing my name. Might hyphenate it with his (whomever he turns out to be), and I might not.

I found out that I truly suck at Wii bowling, tennis and golf…I got beat by ten year old Amalia for cryin’ out loud!

That’s all from where I sit.


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