One down, two to go…


I had my first one this morning, and I didn’t do too bad on it, though I have no idea what my score was, I’m sure that it was good.

My next one is on Monday, 12/7 in Radio and TV Writing. I have all weekend to study for it– Marc’s birthday not withstanding (it’s Saturday).

The last one is Thursday, 12/10 in Media Writing.

I still have one final video project to finish up, and I’ll be working on that tomorrow. It’s worth 500 points, but considering that all the others were either late or not completed, I could sure use those 500 points.


I’m going to take the laptop into the shop again to find out what’s really wrong with it. Last summer, I was told there wasn’t anything really wrong with it that reformatting my hard drive couldn’t solve. I did that and it seems to have made the problems worse. I need the laptop for school, and I’m not really looking forward to having to get another one. I just fear that it would be cheaper to get a new one than fix the one I have. That’s what I want to find out… if it is advantageous for me to get it fixed and how much that would cost.


I paid my T-Mobile account up through the 22nd of January, and my rent is paid til January. My internet and my electric bills together might total about $100, so I may have a little $$ to do some Christmas shopping, and pay my rent for January. By the time the other bills come due, I will have started up back at school for spring and gotten my financial aid money.

Because I really don’t want to have to go back to the summer job for winter break.


I need to get some studying done.

That’s all from where I sit.



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