Finals week…and wacky winter weather

I took my 2nd final this morning. I think I did pretty well. There were some things on the test that weren’t in the study guide, and stuff on the study guide that ended up not being on the test. All in all, I think I made a respectible showing. I’ll pass the class.

Then I finished up my last video project and submitted it. We’re going to watch them tomorrow, but I’m considering not going because I’ve already taken the final, and I don’t want to see mine anyway. Not even the lure of free donuts is going to make me brave 20 degree temps and possible icy weather.

The weather prognosticators aren’t calling for a major ice storm, but even a little ice could ruin your whole day. Month. Year. Life. Ya catch my drift?

And with weather like this, losing one’s electricity isn’t usually a fun thing to experience. I’d just as soon spend the time at my mom’s than sit in the dark and cold (I have gas heat, but thermostat is on electricity, which kinda defeats the purpose now, doesn’t it?). Unless Mom’s electricity is off too (we’re probably on the same grid, so that’s a real possibility), then where do I go, if anywhere? Chaz’s place? Right…like he’s going to come out in the middle of an ice storm to save my ass! He doesn’t even like to drive when it’s raining for cryin’ out loud!

And that other guy…? If he can’t find the time to visit when it’s nice out, he sure as hell ain’t coming here during an ice storm. He has more pressing matters to consider. I ain’t one of them.

Good thing I have family here.

That’s all from where I sit.



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