Isn’t the whole idea behind life

…is to LIVE it, not just EXIST in it?

That’s what I’ve always thought. For years, I simply existed in my life because I thought there nothing more to it that being a loving, devoted spouse and a good mother. Maybe work outside the home to make things easier?

Then that all comes crashing down around me and what is left? The job, yes, and trying to support four children and a chronically unemployed spouse on $10.36 an hour?

And even that blew up in my face. I realized that it was all up to me. I had to live my life, not just let it all pass me by.

So it pains me to see people just doing what needs to be done, and not ever getting out of their comfort zone. Hell, I get out of my comfort zone all the time! Every semester is a new challenge. Every new adventure excites me. Before I knew it, I was living life! MY life…not the life someone else expected me to live, or the life that someone tried to force me into because of their own insecurities.

What have YOU done to live life and not merely exist in it today? Hmmm…?

Well? I’m waiting…

That’s all from where I sit.



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