Lazy Sunday, Part Whatever

I’ve been such a slug today. There’s no school or homework, all my bills are caught up, and my Christmas shopping is almost done.

So I’m watching the Chargers/Cowboys game on mute. If I could just mute the announcers and just listen to the nat sound, that would be great.

I know…for that, I’d actually have to go to a game.


I need birthday wrapping paper to wrap Daniel’s bday gift. I don’t want to wrap it with Christmas paper. That defeats the purpose of separating Daniel’s birthday from all the other stuff going on this month: Christmas is less than two weeks away, it’s the 3rd night of Hanakkah, and Kwanzaa starts on the 26th.

I know it must suck to have a birthday anytime in December. My half brother, Greg, has his birthday ON Christmas day, and I know he hates it. Or at least he did when we were teens. He might like it now for all I know. I haven’t seen or spoken to him since our dad’s funeral 10 yrs. ago.


So, here I am, enjoying a lazy Sunday. Better enjoy it while I can.

That’s all from where I sit.



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